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Overlooking the sea, Naples has long been enchanting and enchanting everyone. No one is immune to the charm of this city, with its history, folklore, art, music, good food, and last but not least its tailoring tradition.

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The Campania capital was, and still is, the birthplace and training ground of the most important Italian tailors.

Nicola Giordano • CEO

1918 marks the history of Sartoria Caracciolo. In that year Alfredo, a young man of only 12 years, worked in an important tailoring workshop where, over the years and a lot of effort, he learned the art of the greatest tailors.

The young Neapolitan tailor established himself in 1931. He wanted to carry his passion and his tailoring art forward and thus built a small tailoring workshop in Via Caracciolo where his fortune began from there. He decided to manage everything with a family character by making his children passionate about the art of Neapolitan tailoring.

Alfredo became a well-known tailor and dressed the great personalities of the time such as Totò and the De Filippo brothers.

Over the years, his children took over the management of the shop and Alfredo was called to Cinecittà, Rome, in the period of the dolce vita, to dress all the most famous personalities of the time with Neapolitan tailored suits.

Alfredo's passion and loyalty to the art of Neapolitan tailoring have been handed down over time, from generation to generation, to our tailors. In memory of the small shop in Via Caracciolo today takes the name of the tailor-made company Sartoria Caracciolo Napoli.

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